Villa B

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The owners of the new house love and live in nature - their new home therefore offers a panoramic view of green valleys, castles and vineyards.
Wherever you turn, the eyes capture wide open spaces and an abundance of nature, while the soul is always subjected to the weather and time of day.
The outdoor space is layered: panoramic windows frame the view into the distance like an oversized painting.
And a surrounding outdoor living area is only separated thermally from the interior.
Inside, a wooden centre permeates the architecture vertically and forms the warm heart of the house, which constantly surrounds the residents. The rooms flow around this core and are shaped by it.
View from outside
View from inside
view from the courtyard
kitchen with a view
Stone on stone
the living area
panoramic views
the bathroom
chiselled stone edges
the view into the bathroom
brushed wood
the cloakroom
outdoor terrace
Holiday feeling at home
the view into the courtyard
the sauna
tactile surfaces
views from the second floor
a light-filled reading roo
Embedded in nature
All materials are very tactile. Textured leather, raw linen hems and chiselled stone edges complete surrounding nature. Vintage furniture and well-kept heirlooms tell their stories and carefully maintain the balance between down-to-earth cosiness and expressive personality.
Realised: 2023Photographer: Dominique Gängler Fotografie
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