GoodSpaces Mannheim

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With just a few tricks, a co-working space gets a facelift. A fresh color palette and practical accommodation of many functions in a small space creates a fun working atmosphere.
A workplace must be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. Telephone boxes therefore serve as acoustic room dividers between two room functions, and as conference units in the smallest of spaces. For the co-worker, this means smaller but more collaborative subspaces that are motivating and enable concentration.
In the Community Area, the architecture itself is the main attraction, with its high ceilings over the height of two floors and an inspiring view of the canal. Flexible seating modules in combination with a kitchen mark the center of the room and are able to adapt to different situations, like joint get-togethers, working in groups, socialising or taking a break.
Client: GoodSpaces GmbHLocation: MannheimRealised: September 2021Photographer: Frank Hoffmann
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