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About us

We design and shape feel-good spaces with a spirit.

Our Philosophy

Aboutlama is an office for holistic interior architecture from Mannheim. Founded in 2019 by Elena Laschewitsch and Yordanka Rotta, Aboutlama works with private and public clients in various sizes and sectors.

We like to discuss, understand and encounter people's full grasp of reality so as to intensify the right feelings. For us, a space is never inanimate and rigid, but always filled with life. It is influenced and animated by its users and its inhabitants. We prioritise taking the surroundings and architecture into account to create a fine balance and harmony between the interior and the exterior. It is never our ambition to merely sell the idea of a beautiful picture, but to create actual vivacity. What is it that remains in our heads, lingers in our hearts, is stuck in our minds? We imagine ourselves in the new spaces before they have come into being.

We play with possibilities, circumstances and requirements feeling a deep need to explore the best options in order to bring everything to life. Paying attention to our first and last impressions as we enter, stay and leave helps us shape true uniqueness. We explore which paths lead through a room, what can be observed, but also where we might choose to surprise. We wish to inspire by atmosphere. Inspiration means to inhale: Serenity, value, individuality. Spaces are given a chance to breathe, break away from their former rut and acquire a new life. We focus on exquisiteness by meeting individual requirements with the appropriate function, perfect materials and an overall harmonious atmosphere. We do not reproduce, but rather quote the message of a space to compose a melodious overall structure.

By preserving characteristic features of the building and mindfully complementing them with the new.
By enabling sustainable usability and allowing spaces to age gracefully.


Before founding her own company with Yordanka, Elena graduated from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with a degree in interior architecture and later worked in creative direction and team management for blocher partners, managing an array of interior architecture projects in Germany and abroad - from flagship stores, department stores, gastronomy, workspaces, to high-end private residences and hotels. Guided by emotion and a profound analysis, at Aboutlama she strives to fill spaces with authenticity and character. "I see myself as an interpreter who translates the individuality of the client or a target group into aesthetic environments." With tenderness and care she unites proportions, shapes, materials, colors, light, shadow, sound, texture and associations into a clear and poetic place. Elena believes that our consciousness exceeds the visible and beautiful spaces have the power to reach us in our innermost core.


After an excursion into the study of the history of art, Yordanka completed her master's degree in interior architecture at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. At blocher partners, she expanded her skills as a project manager and organizational talent over the course of several years, especially in the areas of hospitality, retail and largescale projects. At Aboutlama, she manages the intersection between creativity, organization and the final build. She not only follows her passion to infuse projects with her excellent precision and attention to detail but also keeps an eye on the construction process and deadlines while communicating with project and construction stakeholders. As the child of family of engineers, she once said to her father: I would like to work on a construction site someday. Yordanka in 3 words: solution-oriented, factual, kind-hearted. Yordanka ist driven by: making her contribution to enhancing the quality of people's lives through her work.

Together we have over 20 years of professional experience.
We are both members of the Chamber of Architects of Baden W├╝rttemberg and the BDIA (Association of German Interior Architects).

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